Heavy Object

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Synopsis: First 12 episodes of the animated series based on the manga by Kazuma Kamachi and directed by Takashi Watanabe. Far into the future, the battlefield is dominated by hulking dreadnoughts called Objects. Practically invulnerable, they swing the tide of battle whenever and wherever they are deployed. Qwenthur Barbotage (voice of Natsuki Hanae) studies the craft of designing these Objects, and Havia Winchell (Kaito Ishikawa) works as a radar analyst. Both serve under the command of Frolaytia Capistrano (Shizuka Itou) in the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion.

Their duty is to support Object Baby Magnum and its pilot Milinda Brantini (Eri Suzuki). But when the shifting tide of battle places Qwenthur and Havia unprotected in the sights of an enemy Object, the war becomes a series of near-suicide missions for these heroes.

Heavy Object: Part 1 - Blu-ray
Heavy Object: Part 1 - Blu-ray
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