Fusé: Memoirs of the Hunter Girl - DVD

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Synopsis: Hamaji, a young huntress from the mountains, stumbles into the middle of a shogun's vendetta against a group of human and dog hybrids - the Fuse. Rumors of Fuse murdering innocent people in the bustling city of Edo have sparked a bounty for their heads. Hamaji joins the hunt for this dangerous quarry along with her brother, but after accidentally befriending one of them, Hamaji is torn between two worlds: her life as a self-reliant huntress, and the young woman her new friend has helped her to uncover.

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Release Date: 7/3/2016
BBFC Certificate: 15
Format: DVD
Main Feature: (approx) 110 mins
Number of discs: 1 x DVD

Spoken Language In
Main Feature:
 Japanese only
Subtitles: English
Extras: Trailer, TV Spots

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